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 2/13/18 preparing for Valentines Day

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PostSubject: 2/13/18 preparing for Valentines Day   Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:43 pm


preparing for Valentines Day

~~pure waking up early and rushes to the storage shed as she gets from the shelves the light blue paint takes it outside finds the lil stool and begins to paint the little milking stool making sure the paint goes on even and nay runs...she leaves it to dry putting the left over paint away and cleaning the brush as she goes to the green entering the green house she reaches for a little basket and some sheers and she goes about the pink and off white dinas...and she prunes just the flower placing them in the basket...till it is full....then heads to the kitchen

~~there she places the basket full of flowers on the counter...heads to the ice shed to gather the candles she made five long stem ones and two huge fat ones...taking them to the kitchen to place in the basket...then to the closet and fetches the crystal glass candelabra and two white wooden ones....takes them up the stairs to Hold Jarl's Chambers...setting them down...then goes back to the kitchen to fetch the basket and candels taking them up the steps too....*

~~she strips his furs....bundles them up back down she goes to the laundry setting the sheets and blankets to the dirty laundry basket....and fetches the clean white ones....and eight designer pillows she had sewed at times between chores...and times she was left alone....pinks light blue ones to accent the bedding she had in mind for Valentines Day and how she wanted to surprise the Hold Jarl

~~she also grabs the bolt of white gauze material to decorate with....and up the stairs with all she makes the bed....fluffs and tuckes the pillows in...tossing the pink blue and white decorative ones in the center of the bed...she goes gets the tiny milking stool and places it in the upper corner of his Chambers....and sets the two white candle holders near the stool sets the two fat candles upon them...lights them

~~on the left side she places the crystal glass candelabra setting the thin long candles in and lighting them drifting down the steps she takes a serving tray polishes it and two crystal goblets and polishes them setting to the tray and takes a paga bottle on the tray it goes as well she takes and places the tray near the candelabra in his Chambers...looks about...smiling...going to Hold Jarl's trunk taking out a bottle of perfume sprinkles some lavender perfume on the bedding and herself

~~takes the bolt of white gauze and drapes it at the foot and head of the bed as back drops... last but not least...she takes the pink and white dinas...and sprinkles the bed and his Chambers full of the pedals...smiling knowing today's gift from her will be one to remember...the song first time ever i saw your face in her mind...she descends the stairs

~~to the kitchen she goes to make a tempting dinner for the Jarl...she sees the kitchen thrall has shucked the oysters she ask him if he would do for her and he stated that he would...thanks him and gives him a sweet smile...taking a platter she moves off to the ice shed and chips enough ice to fill the platter

~~then back to the kitchen...she places the tray down and adds the oysters to the bed of ice to keep fresh in the center she places some hot citrus sauce some parsley for garnish and a tospit cut in half...also she fetches the chocolate berries that have been chilling taking the platter of oysters and berries setting them to a serving tray ready for the Hold Jarl's special Valentines gift

~~takes the tray and places it in the special place she made for him for this special day...looking around seeing everything is just the way she pictured it should be...she awaits for the Hold Jarl at the top of the stairs...kneeling with back arched knees kissing hands resting palms down...head held high..bites on her bottom lip a little nervous hoping he will enjoy what she had prepared

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2/13/18 preparing for Valentines Day
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