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 12/26/17 pure wakes up near the East Side Port Docks in Scagnar

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PostSubject: 12/26/17 pure wakes up near the East Side Port Docks in Scagnar    Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:07 pm

~~pure is a lil' imp to what she gathers from the wooden sign finds herself near the docks of a place called East Side Port in Scagnar...hearing the voices of men yelling out orders...awakens face down upon the ground..her wet tussled sun kissed hair clinging to her porcelain round face as she rises up..clothed in just a fur blanket hugging her body like a cocoon...& what she can conclude she must of been through some sort of trial & tribulation..

~~sky blue eyes investigate her whereabouts...just a little ways to her left she sees a great place to hide..her small frame lifted by her shapely legs escorts her to the spot where several ship crates are stationed...thankfully she has not been spotted..despite the heavily trafficked area she finds herself at...

​~~she decides to hide out among the crates...till she can gather where she actually is and how the heck she got here...she is wet cold hungry & alone...last thing she remembers is boarding a ship with some other girls at Scagnar Harbor in the command  and company of her Mistress(Naomi)she lays down upon a smaller crate pulling the fur piece around her best she can to keep warm...
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12/26/17 pure wakes up near the East Side Port Docks in Scagnar
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